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Engineering Services

We support you on-site if you need us. Deadline pressure, capacity bottlenecks or a lack of specialist knowledge - we have the right specialist for you. Our qualified and experienced engineers, technicians, project managers, and sales people support our customers in numerous projects and are always happy to assist you. The satisfied customer is the clearly defined goal of our colleagues. We have many different forms of cooperation at our disposal.

Forms of cooperation

Service contract



Staff leasing

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Would you like to work for us?

✓ Over 35 years of experience

✓ ISO 9001 certified

✓ We trust in the quality of our long-standing colleagues

✓ Colleagues with many years of professional experience in the relevant industries

✓ Long-term cooperation with a network of experienced freelancers and suppliers

✓ Long-term customer relationships as references

✓ As a family business, we are at your side with tradition and passion and our name, and are always at your disposal

What does the KBN Group have to offer?
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