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Interested in shipbuilding?

"Leading in Bremen, leading in shipbuilding"

Our greatest wealth of experience and our DNA lies in shipbuilding: We have been planning, designing, and supervising the construction of ships for over 35 years. We are at home in the world of superyachts, as well as special purpose and cruise ships. Many of our employees are Ü2 security checked. This enables full use in naval shipbuilding above and below water.


Our services

✓ Basic design

✓ System design

Information technology

✓ Spatial integration

✓ Detailed construction

✓ Technical documentation

✓ Construction monitoring/construction supervision

✓ Putting into operation

✓ Claim management

✓ Supplier management

✓ Work preparation

✓ Quality Assurance

✓ Strength and shock calculation

Our services

Ship types

✓ Merchant ships

✓ Cruise ships

✓ Naval ships

Underwater ships and vehicles

✓ Mega yachts

✓ Underwater ships and vehicles

Ship types

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